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Smoked, Stuffed and Wrapped Pork Tenderloins

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Latest Wow BBQ Article - Smoked, Stuffed and Wrapped Pork Tenderloins
Posted: Saturday 13th June 2015

This week at WOW BBQ towers we're continuing our love affair with the Weber Smokey Mountain by cooking up a delicious treat packed with more meat than you can shake a stick at! The general principle is to take gorgeous pork tenderloins and pack them full of your favourite fillings - in this case black pudding and goats cheese. This is certainly not one for the vegetarians. 



Pork tenderloin x 3 

Black Pudding 280g x 3

Goats Cheese 120g x 2

Streaky Bacon (Unsmoked, for now) x 12 rashers for each loin

Sides to serve




Start by creating a bacon weave - these look impressive and are actually very easy to do. There's some good instructions easily available on the web if you need guidance. Making it on top of tin foil will help with the rolling later.


Take each tenderloin and carefully score into it with a sharp knife, pushing it back until you get it reasonably flat. You may also want to tenderise the meat by flattening it. Place on top of clingfilm and generously spread the whole back pudding over the surface, pushing into the meat as you go. Line up the goats cheese in the centre and carefully roll, using the cling film to help you. Then place the loin onto the bacon weave and repeat the rolling process until the whole thing is wrapped up. Repeat for the other loins, cover in cling film and chill until ready. 




Next, set up your Smokey Mountain - you could also do this on a charcoal or gas grill by using indirect heat and adding wood chips. We used cherry wood chunks here which added a fantastic flavour. 



We had a lovely day for it here...


When your preferred barbecue is up to temperature, add the loins to the grill. We tried doing one without bacon to compare the effect it has on the dish. 


Then, leave whilst your Weber does the work! We smoked ours for around three hours but always check the internal temperature of the meat to know when it is done: pork should be at a minimum of 75 celsius. 


The smoke really adds a fantastic colour to the food - as you can see the loin without bacon has come apart slightly - another reason to wrap! The wrapped loins were also more succulent than the unwrapped ones. 



And there we have it! Incredibly decadent and rich, a little will go a long way with this dish - it also has the added benefit of looking very impressive with minimal work - the best combination! If you're thinking about giving this a go, show us your results on our facebook page here. Many thanks to Alan W, whose recipe entry into our photo competition inspired this dish.